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Who are we and what do we do?

The RCRF is an international learned society specialising in the field of Roman pottery. Its main aim is to establish contact between scholars of different countries and the field of interest is interpreted in its widest sense. The Society was founded in 1957 by the late Professor Howard Comfort of Haverford College, Pennsylvania, and now has over two hundred and fifty individual members in some twenty-five different countries. Libraries and institutions may also become affiliated members, and there are currently nearly one hundred of these who receive our publications and notice of our activities. Congresses are held every two years, in different countries and at the invitation of members who offer to host them. (It is not, however, necessary to become a member of the RCRF in order to participate.) Papers are generally presented in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

The RCRF publishes Acta, also approximately at two-year intervals, and these contain papers presented at the congresses, and occasionally other articles.
Communicationes are annual newsletters (including a bibliography of Roman pottery studies and, from time to time, a list of members).

Members receive the above publications free of charge and are notified directly of forth­coming congresses.
New members receive a copy of the statutes of the RCRF together with the most recently published list of members.

Acta Supplementa are published at irregular intervals and are available by separate subscription.

RCRF-Congress Namur 2004. Visit at Tongeren (in the centre: Colin Wells and Vivien Swan)
(Photo: G. Schalenbourg, Provinciaal Gallo-Romains Museum, Tongeren)

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